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It's All About QUALITY!

As motorcyclists in search of the ultimate sportbiking experience, we have traveled the back roads and mountain passes of the Western U.S. in search of those perfect roads. That magical combination of endless turns, dramatic scenery and massive changes in elevation.

For us it is not about cruising the freeways or open road; for us it is about those canyon twisties, awesome switchbacks and high mountain passes that are tucked deep in California's Sierra Nevada's, the Laguna Mountains, the Santa Lucia's, the Mendocino coast and all the tasty bits of pavement in between!  The sweetness that all the moto-possibilities that California holds the sportbiker is truly fantastic.  SuperBikeTour.com was created to share that ultimate California moto experience with that sportbiker who insists on the very best earth has to offer!

The Founding Fathers of SuperBikeTour.com. Two dedicated sportbike enthusiasts in search of moto-nirvana, endlessly exploring, looking for that perfect mountain pass, canyon shot; ultimate tasty bit of road and track.
We are dedicated to providing the ultimate sportbike tour experience to all who dare to seek it.